ONE blogs – JOHN CALDER – ‘The Worst of Times’ MONDAY MAN RETURNS!

Dickens was referring to the depth of the French Revolution, but the words are very apposite to 2011, not only in Britain, but nearly everywhere. This will be a year of revolution in many places, to chaotic trouble in most other places and to decline, suffering and misery almost everywhere else. read more —>

ONE blogs – JOHN CALDER – Man for Monday: AND NOW … REALITY

The UK election is over. The bombast is past. Now, not only Britain, but most of the world is facing a future that will become ever more difficult even in the richer countries, and catastrophic in the poorer. While politicians, most of whom are profoundly ignorant about the realities of the world and the period they live in, will will continue to make statements about ‘recovery’, ‘back to propserity’, etc. — thinking people and the few public voices that are honest as well as aware will have to come to terms with the single choice that lies before us: either accept a long regime of austerity, that will include rationing of the essential things we need to live, or, sink into a new dark age where hunger, thirst, famine, anarchy and tribal warfare will be the norm. read more —>

ONE blogs – JOHN CALDER – Man for Monday: CAN MAN PLAN?

On the opening day of he great international conference in Copenhagen, over fifty of the world’s leading newspapers jointly published a single editorial, emphasizing that this important event must not be allowed to fail. Interestingly, only one American newspaper, in Miami, Florida, was among them: New York, Chicago, L.A. etc. had obviously declined to join the consensus, an ominous signal of the American unwillingness to face reality or to confront the disasters that are now facing us.

There is everywhere and new awareness, except in the countries that either cannot conceive of losing the life-style they have enjoyed for decades or have just entered a new affluence such as China, which is still uncertain which way it wants to go. International careful planning to make a single world economy and level of existence is of course the answer, but is it possible? read more —>

ONE blogs – JOHN CALDER – Man for Monday: WHAT’S IN AN ‘ISM’?

At One Magazine’s public day on ‘Lying’, based on Oscar Wilde’s amusing little book on its decay, I pointed out my definition of what a society based on greater equality and fair distribution of wealth might be like, one lady, assuming that I was describing socialism, said that she had passed half of her life under communism in Russia and had firsthand experience of the failure of socialism. I told her that Russia, although it had been under Lenin through a period of violent Bolshevism had never had socialism. She could not have been a particularly competent reader of Marx, because very quickly Stalin had changed a Tsarist dictatorship into a totalitarian dictatorship (of the proletariat only in name), which in a country that was at the time composed almost exclusively of peasants, was very little different. She did not get my point because, as with most people, they connect a name with a situation which might, in reality, have very little to do with its original meaning. read more —>


A simple gesture can speak for the feelings of millions of people, and I would like to thank Peter Brierley, father of the soldier killed in Iraq, for refusing to shake Tony Blair’s hand because it was ‘covered in blood’. Indeed, his hands have the blood not of just of a few unfortunate soldiers, but of the millions killed by bombs on false information about the existence of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ which had already been dismissed as ‘highly unlikely’ by the U.N inspectors. read more —>


Our’s is an interesting period. Everything has grown too bigand complex to be understood except by a few very intelligent people who areinterested enough to examine events and what has led up to them, and most ofthose are rogues who are looking for a what to take advantage of a world thatis not understood by those in authority, who only follow events long after theyhave occurred, and are wildly casting around for a cure which they will never find, because their thinking is only to go back to the past. They cannot imagine any other future.

But, there have always been a few honest gurus able tounderstand what is happening, able to describe it and prescient enough to guess at what is coming next — even to suggest solutions. read more —>

ONE blogs – MARTIN BELK – BECKETT SUCCESS: ‘FILM’ and the art of conversation

Yesterday ONE Magazine hosted a successful West End Festival event. John Calder, Samuel Beckett’s publisher and friend joined a standing-room only crowd at the Grosvenor Theatre, Glassgow for a screening of FILM – Beckett’s one and only ventures into celluloid – starring the late Buster Keaton. read more —>


The absence of any confidence or even belief in the probity or competence of those who have been elected to govern, either on a national or regional level, is now so universal that the question must be asked: Why are so few people standing up to challenge those in power, who it is obvious are interested in little other than feathering their nests and getting re-elected until it is time to retire? read more —>


editors’ note: If you know anything about John Calder, one of the UK’s most notorious publishers — who has brought us Alleg, Beckett, Duras, Hiss and Selby, you’ll note that even he jokes that anything electronic, from the TV to computer, tends to malfunction in his presence.

This is his first and only blog, an experiment. Typed in London on a manual, mailed to and re-keyed in Glasgow, ONE Magazine is pleased to present the Man for Monday. If your computer freezes on the article, you’ll know you went to the right place. read more —>


Once, when I was younger, back around 1979, I was sitting in Mrs Bland’s classroom beside my friend at the time Jay Hull. Jay and I’d been spending our morning lying about all the girls we’d done and were gonna do and had been told we could do (there was time for some of that, back then).