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A simple gesture can speak for the feelings of millions of people, and I would like to thank Peter Brierley, father of the soldier killed in Iraq, for refusing to shake Tony Blair’s hand because it was ‘covered in blood’. Indeed, his hands have the blood not of just of a few unfortunate soldiers, but of the millions killed by bombs on false information about the existence of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ which had already been dismissed as ‘highly unlikely’ by the U.N inspectors. read more —>

ONE blogs – JOSHUA SPEARS – The BNP Charm [is] Offensive.

The BNP or British National Party. To some, a symbol of national pride. To others, a rabble of racist thugs and a real threat. For anyone who hasn’t heard of these so-called “political activists”, read on… What this blog post isn’t about is the BNP’s racism and highly offensive policies. It’s worse: how they are getting smart, and winning votes.

Back in the 1980s and 90s, the BNP were seen as a neo-Nazi rabble, a collection of down-trodden bullies. Now, with a failing economy, a surge of immigration from Eastern Europe, a sensationalist media that makes every mugging, rape and shooting front page news of a week — good people are getting angry. Perhaps, rightly so. read more —>