ONE blogs – JOHN CALDER – Man for Monday: A WEEK OF UPSETS

It is difficult to think of any week in which so much has been overturned as the one that has just passed. Members of parliament are in a dilemma. For years they have been making the taxpayers, who are their real employers, pay for personal laundry, house-cleaning and gardening work, housekeeping and repairs, mortgages and many other personal expenses which ordinary people in no way expect their employers to have paid, except indirectly through earned salaries and wages. They have been able to keep away from criticism by having no competent self-regulation and a code of secrecy protected in recent years by Speaker Michael Martin, whose recent elevation to the peerage is a disgrace. read more —>

ONE blogs – JOHN CALDER – Man for Monday: TIME TO SAY NO!

It is time to say no to a great many things. First of all to the ridiculous notion that Tony Blair, an ignorant and simplistic chancer if there ever were one, should ever be considered for the new presidency of President of Europe, when it is not difficult to think of many other more suitable candidates. The position will be purely honorific, and if there is one thing to which Blair has proved himself to be completely devoid of- then it is honour. read more —>

ONE blogs – JOHN CALDER – Man for Monday: TERRORISM, PATRIOTISM, FANATICISM… What’s the Difference?

That which we call monomania by any other name would still be as dangerous… Our Man for Monday, John Calder, discusses where terrorism and patriotism converge and the consequences of governments, the press and militants – to paraphrase George Santayana – redoubling their efforts when they have forgotten their aim.

We use words as mind-set clichés and usually without much thought. George Washington was called a terrorist by the British parliament and, not that long ago, that was what Margaret Thatcher called Nelson Mandela, whose statue now stands proudly in Parliament Square along with Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Disraeli, Gladstone and so many others, including Mandela’s one-time compatriot, although on the other side of the ideological fence, Jan Smuts. read more —>