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ONE 10 • Hello Berlin!

I love cities. Being in a place where my surroundings constantly buzz and I have little to no idea of what could happen next. So far, this drive took me from a small village in Scotland to its biggest city, Glasgow. And then to study in the city that they say never sleeps, New York. Now, having explored Paris and Prague, and visited friends in London, this time — Berlin.

Hello Berlin!
–Jonathan Pryce


ONE 2 • Mean City to Big Apple II: An Update

A lot has happened since my first article for the first ONE…over three months since my arrival on American shores and what an adventure it is!


ONE 7 • How Obama Spoke to Me

After spending last year studying in New York, I am more interested in US politics than ever before. I watched debates and interviews, particularly with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fighting it out.

From the start I felt a strong affiliation with Obama. As a white British male in my 20s, the only obvious trait we have in common is our gender, so why do I feel like he spoke to my sensibility so much?


ONE 6 • Style of the Times

“Do you feel that your imagination is different than the imagination of those generations that succeeded us?”
– Petr Kral at Prague Writers’ Festival ‘08

How does a young artist find inspiration in a society where “everything has been done”?


ONE 4 • Mean City to Big Apple: my last bites

Today the New York sky reminds me of a famous Rothko painting I saw in the Metropolitan Museum, ‘The Met’ to us locals. Rich blues contrasting with a deep Manhattan skyline. In a week or so, my horizons will once again change as I return to Scotland. Let the reminiscing begin…


ONE 3 • Mean City to Big Apple III: Heading South

Christmas in New York means doing some really touristy activities. First I took a train up to mid-town to see the ice-skating and the huge tree in Rockefeller Center, then trotted along to Radio City Music Hall to see the legendary Rockettes—which was the most spectacular show I have ever seen. Sharp choreography, talented dancers and elaborate costumes, light toys, soda and pretzels make for one fine afternoon. Me and my partner were sitting in the very front row of a peculiarly quiet audience. No one else seemed to feel the need to join our screams and our whoops, except for a few little girls in the seats just behind us. At times we whipped ourselves into a frenzy along with hundreds of dancing Santas, dancing girls and jumping bears. Then, the serious bit. Everything goes quiet, and they wheel out the baby Jesus and bring some enormous real camels onto the stage, and re-enact the wise men scene just before the curtain falls. A stark contrast to the product placements and neon nativities that littered the first half of the show. Shopping seduction and spiritual realignment American style — all in one af read more —>

ONE 1 • Mean City to Big Apple I

Mean City to Big Apple I

Is it better to travel hopefully than to arrive?

JONATHAN PRYCE tells a tale of two cities—on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

August: Glasgow

Today the air is clear, but apprehension clouds my gaze into a rare bright blue sky. In just three weeks, I’ll begin my journey into the unknown: from Glasgow to New York City. Jersey City, to be specific. All part of the Big Apple, I suspect.