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ONE 10 • Mexico Notes: Both Sides of the Border

It was utter coincidence that while the immigration debate began raging anew in the US media and tighter restrictions along the US-Mexican border were being called for, I visited Mexico in June for the first time.

Mexico Notes
–Geraldine Sweeney


ONE 9 • Notes from New York and Ireland

Notes from New York and Ireland
Home (noun) 1. residence 2. native habitat 3. place of origin 4. safe place
December 2009—Geraldine Sweeney

ONE 7 • U.S. Election : Dispatches

Pennsylvania. October 19, 2008.
Twenty-one electoral votes were up for grabs in the battleground state of Pennsylvania (PA) and pollsters were showing a tightening race between the two presidential candidates: Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain. With this in mind, my friends Stephanie and Anne and I decided to travel from New York City to Pennsylvania to help win that state for Barack Obama.


ONE 5 • Atwood à la Carte

Atwood à la Carte

Margaret Atwood’s career spans six decades—earning her a reputation as a powerful writer and a challenging interviewee. Undaunted, Geraldine Sweeney engaged her in conversation and discussion for an in-depth interview with the author, conducted in Prague.


ONE 5 • Europa: Paradise Lost, A Conversation with Slavenka Drakulic

Face to face with a writer who has lived, worked, survived and chronicled decades of sweeping changes in Europe, GERALDINE SWEENEY takes a trip through time with Slavenka Drakulic and examines what her experiences reveal about our future.


ONE 3 • Beyond the Troubles

These photographs, taken in February 2004, document the Northern Irish city of Derry-Londonderry, which, after decades of sectarian violence (known as “the Troubles”), has achieved peace.


ONE 2 • Jazz Funeral for a Drowned City

Two years on from the Hurricane Katrina disaster, New Orleans is still being battered. The city known for its combination of virtue and vice, is being swept by hostile forces — big corporations want to sanitize and package it as The Big Easy Experience. Readers from Scotland to Darfur can relate to clearances: the greater New Orleans metropolitan area has 30% fewer residents than before Katrina, and those who remain are living through record crime and murder rates. Behind the tourist façade, a battle is on for the soul of the South.


ONE 2 • 26.2: A Run through Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx

On November 4, 2007, still drowsy from too little sleep, we quietly gathered at Park Avenue and 32nd Street in Manhattan just before dawn. Our buses sat idling as we runners climbed on board for the first leg of what we hoped would be a spectacular 26.2-mile marathon run through the five boroughs of New York City.


ONE 1 • BLUE: Reflections from Ground Zero

REFLECTIONS from Ground Zero

Monday, 30 July 2007: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the sixth anniversary of 9/11 would not be held in the pit at Ground Zero, but instead at the nearby concrete Zuccotti Park.

The reason: “safety concerns”, now that construction is underway. After a public outcry from the victims’ families, threats of a lawsuit and boycott, the Mayor offered to meet with the families…

In 2005 and 2006, Geraldine Sweeney volunteered as an honor guard down in that pit. This is what she saw.