ONE 10 • Four Year Stretch

Four-Year Stretch: Reflections of a 21st Century Graduate
–Peter Simpson

You may ask yourself, ‘How do I work this?’…
You may ask yourself, ‘Where does that highway lead to?’…
And you may ask yourself ‘My God, what have I done?’

—Talking Heads, 1981


ONE 9 • In Defence of Plagiarism: Mashing up Pop Culture’s Past

In a contemporary world of political and social cycles, with the same mistakes made time and time again, the one area of our lives where repetition is not only welcomed but encouraged is pop culture. read more —>

ONE 8 • Welcome to Generation Free

Welcome to Generation Free

What does every good techno-revolution need? A great mutiny. While the self-proclaimed keeps of pop culture join the ranks of the chicken-little licensing naysayers, a new generation has emerged that is savvy and immediate, with a clear message: the jig is up. Smells like punk.


ONE 6 • Shall the Geek Inherit the Earth?

Shall the Geek Inherit the Earth?

In his recent book, Point to Point Navigation, Gore Vidal asserts: “Today, where literature was, movies are… there can be no other reality for us since reality does not begin to mean until it is made art of. For the Agora, Art is now sight and sound; and the books are shut.” Or are they? Peter Simpson offers a possible new angle to the conversation.