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ONE 7 • Charley Boorman: Two Paths on the Road

Let’s get it straight from the start. I have a few personal issues, which are triggered by Charley Boorman’s latest book By Any Means, so please allow me to put my cards on the table.


ONE 7 • Tomorrow Lies in Ambush: a conversation with Ken MacLeod

Science fiction is a time machine for the imagination, with a remarkable way of transporting us from the here-and-now to the distant past or the far-flung future. The problem is, according to author Neil Gaiman, “You can tell the date of an old science fiction novel by every word on the page. Nothing dates harder and faster and more strangely than the future.”


ONE 7 • ONE on OBAMA : special section

There’s no question that in the next thirty or forty years, a Negro can also achieve the same position that my brother has as President of the United States, certainly within that period of time.
— Robert F. Kennedy, 1968




ONE 7 • Before Obama: Rickey, Robinson and King


Like most liberal Americans, I have awakened every morning since Election Day rubbing my eyes with disbelief about the outcome. Yet the more I hear the phrase “President- elect Barack Obama” the more I get used to it, and somewhere in the great beyond Wesley Branch Rickey and Jack Roosevelt Robinson are also smiling at the news of Obama’s winning the Presidency of the United States.


ONE 7 • ONE on OBAMA : Election Night in Harlem

Coming from a place where sunny weather, palm trees and the “Hollywood” sign is the welcome mat for visitors — I never thought I’d move to cold weather, and a neighborhood of graffiti-covered brick buildings in Harlem, the capital of black America. Harlem is not only a community, it’s a state of mind. On November 4, 2008, the mindset of the people in my community became a united front, uplifted by optimism. We embraced each other without reservation as we waited for the verdict of our fate. Could Barack Obama actually become the first black president of the United States?


ONE 7 • U.S. Election : Dispatches

Pennsylvania. October 19, 2008.
Twenty-one electoral votes were up for grabs in the battleground state of Pennsylvania (PA) and pollsters were showing a tightening race between the two presidential candidates: Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain. With this in mind, my friends Stephanie and Anne and I decided to travel from New York City to Pennsylvania to help win that state for Barack Obama.


ONE 7 • How Obama Spoke to Me

After spending last year studying in New York, I am more interested in US politics than ever before. I watched debates and interviews, particularly with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fighting it out.

From the start I felt a strong affiliation with Obama. As a white British male in my 20s, the only obvious trait we have in common is our gender, so why do I feel like he spoke to my sensibility so much?


ONE 7 • Me On the Outside

1. Confusion

As a 6 year old kid growing up in Glasgow, in Scotland, I was moved from one area to another, getting passed around my family like some piece of used clothing. My father was not around. I quickly learned to hide my emotions, pretend to be someone else, put on a front: be strong, act and look happy. Being strong means that I had to stay quiet, but stick up for myself at the same time. My grandparents always told me that if I didn’t stick up for myself, I wouldn’t get anywhere in life, and when I was fighting: “If you don’t batter him, I’ll batter you.” But then again, people say a lot of things; my mother, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends of the family knew I had too much anger in me. They always said that my eyes were pure evil, that one day I’d end up in prison. I was 6 years old when they said it. While it wasn’t said directly to me, it was in front of me as if I wasn’t even there — or couldn’t understand. I could, however, because since then I’ve always presumed I’d end up in prison, on the run, or dead.


ONE 7 • Life’s Lessons

Life can be heaven
Or life can be hell
It depends where you’re borne
It depends where you dwell

ONE 7 • Giving Back

the realities of what can happen inside…
Before prison I was a cheeky, arrogant little bastard who didn’t care about anyone other than myself. Add the consumption of alcohol and I turned into a complete animal. It’s not the question of who I was, it’s what I was.

ONE 7 • Give

What is it to give? The dictionary states that the meaning of the word ‘give’ is: “to grant something to somebody or to allow somebody to have something — such as power or right.”
When I think back, only one thing sticks out that was given to me. When I was younger, I was too much for some to handle and because of that a lot of people gave up on me.

ONE 7 • My Wee Sister

My Wee Sister

ONE 7 • Wullie

I am twenty-two years old and standing in a cold, bland church, looking at one of my best friends, lying in a dark, oak box. The sanctuary is pale with death. I think of my old days. There was drink, drugs, women, girls, some good banter and of course, plenty of battles. Life was a war. A war among young kids in adult looking bodies. I spent most of my time just getting high and scouting for girls — not looking for fights. Fighting found me.

ONE 7 • Paris Notes: Once More with Feeling

Paris is the city of light and romance year-round. In spring, it teems with visitors and there is a certain kind of kinetic energy pulsing along its narrow winding streets that entices some women to walk home alone even in the dead of night. I must admit, as a Native New Yorker that felt a bit daunting to me at first, but it didn’t take long before I too began to understand the merits of a long stroll at the end of a late night dinner at Le Bar à Huîtres in Montparnasse. After all, how else can one walk off a seafood feast of such proportion and still get to marvel at the night sprinklers in Luxembourg Gardens as they create inlets of perfumed water
on the streets heading down to St-Germain-des-Prés?

ONE 7 • Thoughts on the Present Crisis

Thoughts on the Present Crisis

John Calder
Although my university training was in Political Economy, I have never practised economics, but I well remember what I learned, and my only surprise about the great financial bubble that has burst is that it took so long. I have been expecting it to do so for most of the last decade. It is useful to look at the events that have led up to the inevitable collapse of the free market economy and perhaps, in time to come, of the capitalist system itself.

ONE 7 • Tangled Embroideries

The day after Diwali was always the quietest in Amrur. Street dogs, which spent most mornings howling after cyclists, crouched fearfully in garbage shelters. Three-legged autorickshaws that hooted and tooted while ferrying passengers from Amrur to other parts of Bangalore were silent, having been abandoned on street corners. Vendors with cracked voices selling onions and tomatoes in wooden carts did not appear for their daily rounds.