ONE 8 • Scotland Notes: Homecoming, Burns an’ a’ that

Scotland Notes: Homecoming, Burns an’ a’ that

ONE Magazine welcomes its newest contributor, First Minister Alex Salmond

The year 2009 is already shaping up to be an exceptional year for Scotland. Inspired by the 250th anniversary of the birth of our national cultural icon Robert Burns, our Homecoming Year is celebrating many of Scotland’s great contributions to the world. For everyone touched, influenced and inspired by Scotland, this year presents an opportunity to reconnect with our past, and play a part in the dynamic Scotland we are building today. And with three months of events behind us it is clear that Homecoming is already having a significant impact, with many events reporting and projecting high participation levels.


ONE 8 • Glasgow Notes: From the Heart (By Way of Toronto)

Glasgow Notes: From the Heart (By Way of Toronto)

Leaving Glasgow for good was never my intention. Moving on was akin to boiling a frog; if I had left with the sole purpose of settling elsewhere the pain may have been too great for me to bear. As it was, I spent six months here and six months there: London, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney. Before I knew what my life was about I was travelling further afield and for longer periods of time.


ONE 8 • New York Notes: Baseball’s Edifice Complex

New York Notes: Baseball’s Edifice Complex

Major league baseball in the USA has been on a binge of new stadium construction. Baltimore’s Oriole Park at Camden Yards started the craze in 1992 with a deservedly hailed ‘retro’ park that combined the intimacy and sightlines of a baseball-only ballpark with the modern amenities of wide concourses and copious concessions. Since the triumph of Camden Yards 17 of the 30 major league teams have built new stadiums. Or I should say had built for them with the generous assistance of local and state governments who have given team owners enormous tax breaks and also provided public funds for new highways and access roads.


ONE 8 • Belfast Notes: Breaking New Ground

Belfast Notes: Breaking New Ground

Belfast is getting better. My perspective of Belfast is informed by a small graffiti I saw in a toilet stall in Europa Train Station. Nestled among crudely drawn penises and acronyms such as ‘IRA’, ‘UDA’, ‘INLA’, and ‘UVF’, were the words “I F*cking Hate Belfast” written in tiny letters upside down in one corner. As I see it, this kind of righteous anger towards all the insanity of The Troubles is exactly what is going to sweep Belfast into the modern age.


ONE 8 • Hollywood Notes: Black Lists in Beverly Hills

Hollywood Notes: Black Lists in Beverly Hills

Every year Hollywood managers, agents and executives put together an inventory known in the business as ‘The Black List.’ Unlike the McCarthy witch hunts of the 1950s, the current Black List is a desirable and enviable place to be — the list of the hottest and most sought after screenplays in town. While the heavy dramas typically win the prestigious awards, this year’s Black List is 80 percent comedies. Is this a surprise in these economic times — that the entertainment business should actually entertain, and make us laugh?


ONE 8 • Greetings from St. Andrews!

StAnza, Scotland’s International Poetry Festival kicked off last night with a inaugural address from First Minister Alex Salmond, and the immolation of sculpter David Mach’s Robert Burns match stick head – Rabbie burns… Rabbie burning… Rabbie burnt. Now,the 12th annual festival is well under way…


ONE 8 • Berlin(ale) Notes: Views on Potsdamer Platz

Berlin(ale) Notes: Views on Potsdamer Platz

‘Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.’ Transpose Kipling’s Asian Ballad to Mitteleuropa and imagine the climate in Berlin before 1989. But, in November of that year, with one swell foop (Berlin said IamONE?), the wall came tumbling down and we now have ‘… neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth’.


ONE 8 • Woodstock Notes: 1969 to 2009

Woodstock Notes: 1969 to 2009

Talking ’bout my Generation

This August will mark the fortieth anniversary of Woodstock, the historic festival at Bethel, New York where some of the greatest musicians of my generation performed; Joan Baez, Janis Joplin, The Who, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, the Grateful Dead and many others.


ONE 8 • Poetspace

In the beginning was the Word,
somebody added an I
and all hell broke loose
—Peter Porter, from Cross Stitch

enjoy, link, but no copying. ©2009

Photography of Andy Warhol, Michael Wisenhunt, John Sex, Javier, International Crisis, Rebecca Field, The Warhol Skull, Leigh Bowery, John Kelley, Betsy Johnson, Marcus Leatherdale, Cirque du Soleil, Mark Garbarino Madonna and Keith Haring by Marcus Leatherdale

Poets: Peter Porter, Kevin Cadwallender, Robert Burns, Lord Alfred Douglas, Lord Gawain Douglas, Mary Folliet, Peter McCarey, Marilyn Chiat, John Calder, Angus Peter Campbell, Judith Taylor, Ken Abrams


ONE 8 • Black Down in Britain

Black Down in Britain

From an Obama victory back to 1970s Britain: Stephen Thompson, popular author of Toy Soliders and Meet Me Under the Westway reflects and arrives with some new takes on politics from both sides of the pond.


ONE 8 • Art and Matter

Art and Matter

Art and Matter: the idea came to me recently in Paris, at an exhibition of manuscripts. Near a letter written by an anguished Paul Verlaine, not far from one in the actual hand of Marie Antoinette, was a page from Albert Einstein. Although I could read little of the text and formulas, I was impressed by the composition as a whole, with variable line weights, lengths and shapes and intricate notations. Where would an Einstein find himself today, I wonder.


ONE 8 • No Thoughts on Art: an excerpt from the final manuscript ‘The Dusty Answers’

No Thoughts on Art

On the tenth anniversary of his passing, ONE Magazine presents the first published peek at his final manuscript The Dusty Answers. If, according to The Naked Civil Servant, ‘an exhibitionist has no friends,’ then what happens to the exhibitions?


ONE 8 • Shooting Warhol

Shooting Warhol

by Gerard DeGroot

The author of the controversial book The Sixties Unplugged (2008) revisits a pivotal event for he infamous Pop Artist.


ONE 8 • Welcome to Generation Free

Welcome to Generation Free

What does every good techno-revolution need? A great mutiny. While the self-proclaimed keeps of pop culture join the ranks of the chicken-little licensing naysayers, a new generation has emerged that is savvy and immediate, with a clear message: the jig is up. Smells like punk.


ONE 8 • A Matter of Art

A Matter of Art

Can art matter in the age of the internet now that noone pays for anything anymore?


ONE 8 • ‘The Death Predictor’: Winner of the Scottish Book Trust Creative Writing Competition ages 12-16

The Death Predictor

Horace screwed the final bolt into place before standing back to admire his creation. How long it had taken him to perfect his machine! It was unreal. For years Horace had been cooped up in his house. He wouldn’t leave for weeks on end, working in every spare second he could find. He no longer socialised and hardly ever left his living room, never mind his house. Neighbours no longer sent him Christmas cards and the community in which he had lived for many years didn’t even know his name.


ONE 8 • ‘Dreams, Lessons, Friendship, Hope’: Winner of The Moth Teen Story Competition

Dreams, Lessons, Friendship, Hope.

Each year The Moth invites one brave teenager to share a personal story on our main stage in New York City. They share the stage with celebrated writers and performers, which would be intimidating for someone twice their age. Last year, that teen was Tavar McKenzie. From our first telephone call she blew me away with her intelligence and warmth. A lot of teens we meet want to talk about forgetting their first homework or missing the bus, but Tavar insisted on a much more challenging subject. Last April, in front of a crowd of 300 people, she took The Moth stage by storm with a fierceness that first broke our hearts, then made them cheer. Tavar is a true rock star and we feel so honoured to have met her at the beginning of her journey. We can’t wait to see how high she’s going to fly.

– Catherine Burns, Artistic Director, The Moth NYC


ONE 8 • ‘She’s My Dream Come True’: Polmont YOI Short Story Winner

She’s My Dream Come True

As part of ONE Magazine’s prison writing programme we hosted a creative writing competition throughout the young offenders institution. Entires came in from throughout the gaol, in all genres, and this piece of fictionalised autobiography emerged the winner. PJ Thompson’s delicate piece demonstrates that not all teenage men are the brutes that society likes to imagine, nor are all young offenders the one-track thugs that tabloids like to sell.

– Martin Belk, Writer-in-Residence, Her Majesty’s Young Offender’s Institution, Polmont.


ONE 8 • Genesis of the Grumpy Chef

Genesis of the Grumpy Chef

Step aside Gordon Ramsey, your nemesis has arrived… and his vocabulary extends beyond ‘f*ck’.