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ONE 6 • Shall the Geek Inherit the Earth?

Shall the Geek Inherit the Earth?

In his recent book, Point to Point Navigation, Gore Vidal asserts: “Today, where literature was, movies are… there can be no other reality for us since reality does not begin to mean until it is made art of. For the Agora, Art is now sight and sound; and the books are shut.” Or are they? Peter Simpson offers a possible new angle to the conversation.


ONE 6 • Hitting the Wall

Hitting the Wall

Like a present-day Don Quixote, I had the windmill firmly in my sights. It was clear that timing would be crucial.


ONE 6 • Safe as Houses?

Safe as House: Questioning a media myth

Chinese Puzzle: According to recent reports, one and half million Chinese citizens were forcibly evacuated from their homes to make way for the Olympics in Beijing.

David Ferguson digs a little deeper…


ONE 6 • Spoiled for Sports?

I was naïve kid, raised in a very conservative family. Thoughts of being anything but straight was never up for consideration.


ONE 6 • Black Rock City Notes

Black Rock City Notes

The Burning Man festival takes place every year in late August, in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert — an expanse of crackled, alkaline desert ringed by mountains. This year, I arrived on a Saturday, two days before the event officially opened, when the playa was still noticeably dotted with skeletal half-built geodesics. In the days to come, I watched as a transitory polity known as Black Rock City seethed into being around me, complete with grand hotels pitched in muslin tents, elites, tourists, a fire department and a city ballet. The new citizens of Black Rock City might have been half-naked, spangled, dusted zombie-white, but their social structures remain oddly familiar, similar to the lives they came to leave behind, the “default world.” Until recent years, Black Rock City was typically framed as a place for evasion: its annual themes emphasized delirium and disconnection.


ONE 6 • Style of the Times

“Do you feel that your imagination is different than the imagination of those generations that succeeded us?”
– Petr Kral at Prague Writers’ Festival ‘08

How does a young artist find inspiration in a society where “everything has been done”?


ONE 6 • Bland Republic

Does prize culture in the arts spells disaster? In an era where “Everyone’s a Winner”, the bar continues a downward decent, and children are given “diplomas” for completing nursery — James W. Wood argues that creators, artists and audiences should have only one interest: pleasure.


ONE 6 • X Marks the Spot


The International Olympic Committee says “no”, but the Scottish Parliament says “yes”. Is the Saltire a national emblem or flag of convenience? Andrew J. Wilson unravels what the most important symbol of Scotland means today.


ONE 6 • Independently Minded? A Conversation with Murray Pittock

In his incisive introduction to The Road to Independence? Scotland Since the Sixties, Murray Pittock defines an ongoing problem: “Separate histories of Scotland are fine for Scots. That is the general consensus… But across the UK in general, Scottish history occupies a rather strange no-man’s land between the local and national.”


ONE 6 • Poetspace 6: International Poetry

In the Thigh of Evening
for H.C.
We sit here in the thigh of evening
you in my memory and I–
black treetops are moving
music scored on sky

ONE 6 • Entropy Rising

Entropy Rising

1968, the world boiled: riots in Mexico City, a military coup in Iraq, the Pope condemned birth control, France ground to a three-week halt, US Marines made a massacre of Mai Lai. The Beatles released the White Album, Andy Warhol painted cans of soup, Kubrik made a monkey out of humanity in 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the first Big Mac was served in Pittsburgh. Martin Luther King Jr was murdered, Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, another Kennedy took a deadly bullet and Soviet/Warsaw Pact tanks rolled into Prague.


ONE 6 • Edward Louis Bernays: Doctor Freud’s PR whiz nephew

Edward Louis Bernays: Doctor Freud’s PR whiz nephew

Have you heard of this man? If, not, read on . . .


ONE 6 • Pixie’s Glasgow Kiss

original fiction by Brian Whittingham

illustration by Oliver Paterson

My weekly routine was always the same, up until last Saturday. I’ve had ticker problems that I won’t bore you with, but it means I can no longer hold down a regular job, and I rattle like a maraca from the amount of tablets I take. So, it’s a bit of an early retirement for me, and I can now indulge in my two favourite pastimes – hot tea and Jimi Hendrix. read more —>

ONE 6 • Bon Appétit: Healthy Cooking for the Immune System

Bon Appétit: Healthy Cooking for the Immune System

Food writer and broadcaster Nell Nelson is a practicing nutritional therapist based in Edinburgh. In this issue Nell begins a regular look at the world of food and offers ONE readers her own perspective on healthy eating and better living.


ONE 6 • Tasting Notes: Children of the Grape

Tasting Notes: Children of the Grape

Until recently, my life seemed like a tiresomely enthusiastic New World wine — so stuffed full of flavours that it resembled nothing less than Piccadilly Circus in a bottle. On top of the day job, I’d been burdened with a troublesome trio of additional duties, and frankly, that’s four too many.