ONE Magazine » ONE-5 • Jul 2008 • Hope, Fears and Rock ‘n’ Roll

ONE 5 • The Wheel Deal

The Wheel Deal

What does it take to stand back outside the pack and see the world from a different angle? Individualism and commitment. But to make that initial step in the first place takes something more… Is it courage, bravery or could it be described more accurately as a lack of fear?


ONE 5 • Orpheus in the Old Town: In Memoriam – Angus Calder 1942-2008

Orpheus in the old town

Angus Calder (1942-2008)

Words meant everything to Angus Calder, they were his life, and when I knew him, words sometimes seemed to be all that he had left. Now that he’s gone, it’s only right that there should be a few more to commemorate him.


ONE 5 • The Making of a Makar: A Conversation with Ron Butlin

The Making of a Makar: A Conversation with Ron Butlin

No sooner had Ron Butlin been made Edinburgh Makar than the UNESCO City of Literature allowed its new poet laureate to be auctioned off. Makar is a Scots word that stresses the importance of craft and skill involved in poetry, but in today’s climate, this award-winning author has to do more than write. ONE Magazine asked Ron about the role and his plans for the future.


ONE 5 • How I survived my French TV Talkshow Debut

How I Survived my French TV Talkshow Debut

Elliot Murphy and son on stage with Bruce Springsteen

What me politics? Although I have been living in the land of la gauche et la droite for over 18 years, strangely enough I am rarely asked my opinion on politics. Actually, this probably has more to do with that wonderful dying French art of suave formality and aggressive politeness than with no one caring what I have to say on the subject. At least I hope that’s the reason. read more —>

ONE 5 • Prague Notes

Prague Notes July, 2008

“Where is Czechoslovakia? … You say it Scheckoslovakia.It’s a country made out of bits and bobs that used to be Austria.”
—Janet Hitchman, The King of the Barbareens

The alchemists who thronged to Prague in the time of Rudolph II would no doubt, with their belief in numerology, have nodded in satisfaction as historians in our time point to the recurrent significance of the number 8 in Czech history. 1918: the creation of the independent state of Czechoslovakia under Tomas Garrigue Masaryk. 1938: the annexation of the Sudetenland and the imposition of Nazi authority on the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. 1948: the Communist coup which forced the newly liberated Czechoslovakia firmly under Communist control. 1968: the Prague Spring and the Soviet invasion. Traditionally, this number is associated in numerology with wholeness, change, leadership and power. Change, certainly. But wholeness?


ONE 5 • Spring Edits, Velvet Living: Atwood, Kral and Gorbanevskya

Spring Edits, Velvet Living: Atwood, Kral and Gorbanevsky

How could I possibly join the convention of writers in Prague for a festival, focused on the Soviet/Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, without getting stirred up, and in my Southern-American speak, all a twitter? Quite frankly, I’ve tired of the 60s, primarily because I am the 60s: Generation X and a bottle of guilt. What I remember about the time of the peace-love-sex-and-drug movement of the 60s, which spilled well into the 70s, is an incredible optimism. The problem is that a lot of me and mine, naively, believed it. Little did I know that some people I would very likely have wanted to call friends were dying to save a radio station in Prague, 21 August 1968, two days before my second birthday.


ONE 5 • Atwood à la Carte

Atwood à la Carte

Margaret Atwood’s career spans six decades—earning her a reputation as a powerful writer and a challenging interviewee. Undaunted, Geraldine Sweeney engaged her in conversation and discussion for an in-depth interview with the author, conducted in Prague.


ONE 5 • Europa: Paradise Lost, A Conversation with Slavenka Drakulic

Face to face with a writer who has lived, worked, survived and chronicled decades of sweeping changes in Europe, GERALDINE SWEENEY takes a trip through time with Slavenka Drakulic and examines what her experiences reveal about our future.


ONE 5 • Perspectives: 1968 + 40

 ONE Magazine presents verbal snapshots of that landmark year and its aftermath, as witnessed by internationally authors Homero Aridjis, Günter Kunert and Dimitris Nollas. Three interviews conducted by STEFAN PEARSON at the Prague Writers’ Festival and woven together by ANDREW J WILSON.


ONE 5 • Poetspace 5: Margaret Atwood, Mary Folliet and Sarah Porter




Walking was not fast enough, so we ran.

Running was not fast enough, so we galloped.

Galloping was not fast enough, so we sailed.

Sailing was not fast enough, so we rolled

merrily along on the long metal tracks. Long

metal tracks were not fast enough, so we

drove. Driving was not fast enough, so we flew.


ONE 5 • Tasting Notes: Turquoise Nights

A voyage along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast seemed a well-deserved reward for the trials of spring until I discovered it had been arranged by Asquith Royal, our inventively opportunistic accountant. This promotion of his new Wine Cruise venture was a prospect that left me longing to stay in my Balmoral Palm Court sanctuary. Alas, the complication that six “lucky” amateur limerick writers had already won a competition to enjoy my company on this jaunt confirmed that I’d been cornered.