ONE Magazine » ONE-4 • May 2008 • Changes

ONE 4 • Europe’s New Faces: The New Europe film festival reviews

The Second Annual New Europe Film Festival launches in Edinburgh with a dual mission…

The 2008 New Europe Film Festival presents cutting-edge work from Eastern Europe within the UK, while simultaneously promoting a dialog between autochthonous citizens of Scotland and new immigrant communities. The bulk of the film work is from Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania and Romania, creating a rich palette of themes common to both sides of the Channel.


ONE 4 • SQUEEZEBOX! The Movie: a rock review by NYC’s Glenn Belverio

While firmly rooted in Scotland, ONE Magazine has strong international ties. Issue 2 featured an excerpt from Martin Belk’s upcoming nonfiction chronicle, Pretty Broken People: lipstick, leather jeans, a death of New York — which includes his account of 8 years as a producer for the NYC Gen-X answer to Max’s Kansas City and CBGB’s.


ONE 4 • Oil and Water: Scotland’s Changing Political Landscape

Scottish Parliament made a difference – or is it just an expensive irrelevance?

KEITH STUART CAMERON examines the delicate manœuvring between Holyrood and Westminster over ship-to-ship oil transfers and comes to some surprising conclusions.


ONE 4 • Mean City to Big Apple: my last bites

Today the New York sky reminds me of a famous Rothko painting I saw in the Metropolitan Museum, ‘The Met’ to us locals. Rich blues contrasting with a deep Manhattan skyline. In a week or so, my horizons will once again change as I return to Scotland. Let the reminiscing begin…


ONE 4 • When the Bubble Bursts • Mortgage Update — Mike Holmes

Since When Mortgages Buy the Farm was published in the second issue of ONE Magazine, the global credit crunch has begun to look more like a full-blown crash. The UK’s Northern Rock has now been nationalized to prevent it going south, and Bear Stearns has fallen victim to a bear market in the States. The Saga continues…


ONE 4 • Hot! Hot! Hot! Burlesque for the Masses

If you look up ‘burlesque’, you’ll find that it means ‘in an upside down style’. Now this popular blend of satire, performance and strip-tease is being reinvented across Scotland and around the world. PAUL F COCKBURN talks to Missy Malone, Chaz Royal and Dan Bear to find out why an art form that turns the world on its head has landed on its feet.

ONE 4 • Success, Failure, The Scottish Tradition. Doug Johnstone


ROCK DRILL: A Conversation with Doug Johnstone

Doug Johnstone is a musician, a journalist and a doctor of experimental nuclear physics – what’s more, he’s just published his second novel. ANDREW J WILSON talks to a renaissance man about success, failure and the Scottish condition.


ONE 4 • Bob Dylan. Michael March. a residue of recollections

Summer ‘66 and the world destroyed Dylan. Not on some rocky road/highway 61. Neck broken by harmonica holder cycling through village. Somewhere back in ‘65, maybe at Forest Hills, the crowd devoured his image while masturbating itself. But Dylan still exists hidden in Woodstock, New York with wealth, wife, and piano. Stoned with Clapton one night, we visited. What remains is a residue of recollections.


ONE 4 • Poetspace 4: James W Wood, Rodney Relax and Jane McKie

Listening to the Language of the Birds (Li Bai)
The sky creeps along the city walls: clouds and crows
alight from branches, telephone poles, narrow lanes.
In a canal-side flat a girl is knitting clothes
for fog, mist, drizzle. She hears the birds’ black refrain
and waits: her hands are stopped trains, endlessly delayed;
her hope is this empty room; her tears are the rain.
– Sam Meekings