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ONE 2 • Mean City to Big Apple II: An Update

A lot has happened since my first article for the first ONE…over three months since my arrival on American shores and what an adventure it is!


ONE 2 • Looking for Glasgow

Full time student and urban explorer JENNI CHITTICK begins her search for some of Glasgow’s hidden treasures — from shops, to chatty traffic wardens to dead robots — it’s all in a day’s walk.

I love my Glasgow, but don’t really know it. I can navigate my way to the nearest coffee house, of course, but if I go any further than St George’s Cross, I feel the need to renew my passport. It’s time for a change.


ONE 2 • Raising the Bar

The Skinny Editor Rupert Thomson surveys the ethos of a night out, bar decor and why we go here instead of there.


ONE 2 • The Late, Great, State of Free Speech

 It might have escaped your notice, but in the US and the UK attacks on free speech are on the rise. In order to protect us from subversion and terror, our dutiful lawmakers on both sides of the pond are busy dusting off ancient legislation, passing new statutes and making the world safe for dissenters to politely shut their mouths.


ONE 2 • Jazz Funeral for a Drowned City

Two years on from the Hurricane Katrina disaster, New Orleans is still being battered. The city known for its combination of virtue and vice, is being swept by hostile forces — big corporations want to sanitize and package it as The Big Easy Experience. Readers from Scotland to Darfur can relate to clearances: the greater New Orleans metropolitan area has 30% fewer residents than before Katrina, and those who remain are living through record crime and murder rates. Behind the tourist façade, a battle is on for the soul of the South.


ONE 2 • Café by Starck

I. The Kid


ONE 2 • The Sleep of Reason: The Strange Case of the Gorbal’s Vampire

For much of the twentieth century, the Gorbals district of Glasgow was one of the most deprived and dangerous areas in Europe. The last thing it needed was a resident monster, but half a century ago, that’s exactly what it got. PAUL F. COCKBURN investigates the strange case of the Gorbals Vampire.


ONE 2 • When Mortgages Buy the Farm

Why did Northern Rock start to crumble?
Is the credit crunch a new kind of breakfast cereal?
And who blew the financial bubble?


ONE 2 • Poetspace 2: Folliet, Calder and French Decadents

Entre Guillemets

“Euphemistically Speaking” or Are You Kidding Me?

Every jest is an earnest in the womb of time”

– George Bernard Shaw

  1.

ONE 2 • 26.2: A Run through Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx

On November 4, 2007, still drowsy from too little sleep, we quietly gathered at Park Avenue and 32nd Street in Manhattan just before dawn. Our buses sat idling as we runners climbed on board for the first leg of what we hoped would be a spectacular 26.2-mile marathon run through the five boroughs of New York City.


ONE 2 • Horn from Beyond

Is there life after death? Only the dead can tell, and they’ve got a funny way of going about it.

Original fiction by GAVIN INGLIS.


ONE 2 • Punchlines 2

Mailer in Edinburgh • Farewell Mr. Cheam • Restless Native Poetry • Mile-high Breakup

Stormin’ Norman

There’s no way that a column called “Punch Lines” could fail to note the passing of Norman Mailer, the two-fisted tornado of American literature, who flung in the towel on 10 November at the age of eighty-four. The author of The Naked and the Dead, The Armies of the Night, The Executioner’s Song and this year’s The Castle in the Forest, he won the Pulitzer Prize twice and was also given the US National Book Award.


ONE 2 • Tasting Notes: The Feast of Steven

Deck the halls, book out my diary… I’d throw in a fa-la-la-la-la, but my corporate Christmas shindig schedule ate into Beaujolais Nouveau week this year. My bank manager loves it, but I question block booking November and December when most revellers seem perfectly happy to introduce themselves to the wine.