“It’s a pandemic, my aunt has it!”

“You get it from eating pigs.”

“It’s more deadly that real flu, I read that somewhere!”

“Just hack off the infected limb and watch for further signs of zombification.”

“Is it the end of the world, like?”

“I hear licking at autistic child is a vaccine!” read more —>

ONE blogs – JOSHUA SPEARS – The BNP Charm [is] Offensive.

The BNP or British National Party. To some, a symbol of national pride. To others, a rabble of racist thugs and a real threat. For anyone who hasn’t heard of these so-called “political activists”, read on… What this blog post isn’t about is the BNP’s racism and highly offensive policies. It’s worse: how they are getting smart, and winning votes.

Back in the 1980s and 90s, the BNP were seen as a neo-Nazi rabble, a collection of down-trodden bullies. Now, with a failing economy, a surge of immigration from Eastern Europe, a sensationalist media that makes every mugging, rape and shooting front page news of a week — good people are getting angry. Perhaps, rightly so. read more —>

ONE blogs – JOSHUA SPEARS – Circle Cafe Bar Open Mic Night Tonight! (06/4/09)

Hey guys and girls, how we all doing today?

Just a quick post to remind you all that the Open Mic Night at Circle Bar will be held tonight at the Circle Cafe Bar, from 20:00 til late. Be you a writer, poet, stand up comedian, we want you! If your not, we want you to come anyway and support this event. Its so important to Carlisle that things like this happen because of its arts-starved status and the venue itself is one of the few in Carlisle not dedicated to the all-night-loud-trance-music crowd. read more —>

ONE blogs – JOSHUA SPEARS – Reflections on Rebellion

As the subject has already been put forth by the astute fellow that is Mr. John Calder, I thought it important to put across my view on the art of protest.

You see, when we speak of rebellion, the images conjured in our minds are that of stroppy teens, punk rock bands, The Rebel Alliance, a chaotic yet good natured person. Robin Hood, for example, prime example of a fellow who rebelled and protested for peace and equality.

But to some, Robin Hood was not a rebel. He was a terrorist. read more —>

ONE blogs – JOSHUA SPEARS – A Poem- “To all Those I Have Loved Before”

In high sun or fall

To snow drifts melting into spring

In seasons numbered in all

Under cloud, stars, moon or sun

Be it bitter with wind or cool with dusken breeze

Till night dies, and morning does come

ONE blogs – JOSHUA SPEARS – Sweeney Todd – A Mini Review


So, my dear lady and I picked up some DVDs to watch recently, and amongst the lower priced ones stood Sweeney Todd- The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Having a mixed opinion of musicals (out of the two I’ve seen, I liked one and hated the other), I thought I would give this one a chance. read more —>

ONE blogs – JOSHUA SPEARS – First Blog Madness!

While I wait for my iPod nano to charge its music batteries before my sojourn into town, I thought I would write my first blog, having had it set up for me by that enigmatic figure whom goes by the name of Martin B. So, with reserved doubts and the goal of constructive rambling in mind, I present to you… read more —>